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    President:   Jenna Kruse
    Vice Presidents:   David Cooper
    Secretary:   Alexa Garcia
    Treasurer:   Madelyn Tassiello
    ASC:   Hanna Taglinao & Myles Domingo


    President: Paola Garcia-Carrera
    Vice Pres: Ana Astiazaran
    Secretary: Viaxaly Ayon
    Treasurer: Ruben Duran

    President: Brandon Moore
    Vice Pres: Dimitri Gianousopoulos
    Secretary: Oscar Prado
    Treasurer: Pablo Hernandez

    President: Isabella Delgado Rodriguez
    Vice Pres: Francisco Bautista
    Secretary: Christina Hernandez
    Treasurer: Maddy Castillo

    President: TBA
    Vice Pres: TBA
    Secretary: TBA
    Treasurer: TBA


    Sydney Gastineau
    Mariana Solares
    Peyton Zizzi
    Jonas Bongulto

    Nicholas Lopez

    Enrique Corona
    Regina Victorica
    Max Schwenke
    Jose Hernandez

    Liana Malunes
    Natalie Chavarria

    Isabelle Rojas                                         
    Zeke Oakley                                            
    John Estrada
    Michelle Garcia

    Sophia Jordan
    Isabella Molina

  • Article1. Name and Identification
    Section 1.01 The organization of students working to improve student life at Mater Dei Catholic High School shall be known as the Associated Student Body of Crusaders and Lady Crusaders.
    Section 1.02 This organization may also be referred to as the “ASB” or the Student Council.

    Article II. Membership Regular and Active
    Section 2.01 All students of Mater Dei Catholic High School are regular members of the ASB by enrolling in said school.
    Section 2.02 An ASB sticker must be purchased by students that wish to become active members of the ASB from the ASB and must be placed on their school ID card.
    Section 2.03 Both regular and active Members of the ASB are allowed to run for office and hold positions within the ASB.
    Section 2.04 Both Regular and Active Members of the ASB may vote during ASB elections.
    Section 2.05 Special discounts and opportunities may apply to only Active ASB Members.

    Article III. Source of Power and Supervision
    Section 3.01 The powers of the ASB have been granted by the President and Principal of Mater Dei Catholic High School and may be taken away fully by said individual with just reason.

    Article IV. Government
    Section 4.01 Order of Meetings
    1. Prayer and Pledge
    2. Report from task force leaders
    3. Reading of Minutes/Old Business
    4. Introduction to new Business
    5. Open Forum
    6. Assign task Forces
    7. Closing Prayer
    Business may be allowed to be pushed back to next meeting if motioned by an Executive Officers, when time does not permit to be discussed.

    Section 4.01 List of Officers
    1. Executive Officers
        a. Executive President
        b. Associated Student Clubs President
        c. Associated Student Club Vice President
        d. Executive Vice President
        e. Executive Secretary
        f. Executive Treasurer
    2. Class Officers
        a. Class President
        b. Class Vice President
        c. Class Secretary
        d. Class Treasurer
    3. Commissioners
        a. Dance
        b. Sports
        c. Sound
        d. Pep Rally/Assembly
        e. Publicity (Posters/Flyers) (Prayers/Pledge of Allegiance and Daily Public Announcements)
        f. ASB Inventory of Supplies
        g. ASB Historian
        h. Fundraising

    Article V. Finances
    Section 5.01 The Finances of the Associated Student Body will be the business of the Executive Treasurer and the four class treasurers.
    Section 5.02 All monies collected from each event will be counted and recorded by the treasurers supervised by the ASB moderator. Financial reports and monies will be submitted to the Business Office to be deposited to the ASB Account. Payments for dances will be collected directly by the Business Office (Administration). The Business Office will provide the ASB with updated statements bi-monthly.
    Section 5.03 Financial Report from each ASB event is prepared by the executive treasurer and reported during the ASB meeting.

    Article VI. Elections
    Section 6.01 Elections of Sophomore, Junior, Senior Class Officers, Executive Officers, and Commissioners will be held in the month of May whenever convenient to the school schedule.
    Section 6.02 Freshmen Elections will be held in the month of September as convenient to the school schedule.
    Section 6.03 Candidates may campaign only in English. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
    Section 6.04 All elections will be done in secret ballots using scantrons (if available). Votes will be administered and collected during lunch/homeroom period/or any time convenient to the school schedule.
    Section 6.05 The ASB Moderator and the Faculty Committee for Elections/ Scantron Machine will count votes.

    Article VII. Removal from Office
    Section 7.01 In order to review questionable ASB officers’ membership, a disciplinary board that consists of the ASB Executive Officers and ASB Moderator/s shall be created to determine if the ones in question shall remain members. The decision to terminate a person’s membership on the ASB must be unanimous by the board.
    Section 7.02 Failure to obtain a 2.75 GPA will result in going to the disciplinary board.
    Section 7.03 Three consecutive tardies to morning meeting will result in going to the disciplinary board.
    Section 7.04 Three unexcused absences to morning meeting will result in going to the disciplinary board.
    Section 7.05 Inappropriate behavior of an ASB member that reflects negatively on the ASB member or go against the Mater Dei Catholic High School’s ESLR’s will result in a review with Disciplinary Board.
    Section 7.06 In the event a member leaves the ASB for any reason, the ASB Executive Officers and Moderator/s will appoint a new member to fill that place.

    Article VIII. Description of Duties
    Section 8.01 Executive Officers
    1. President – Regulates ASB meetings, creates and assigns task forces, lead the ASB as a unified body, oversees all ASB fundraising activities, manages communication among ASB and receives updates from administration.
    2. Vice President – Records attendance and runs ASB meetings in President’s absence. May be asked to assist the secretary to prepare the meeting minutes.
    3. Treasurer – records and documents all cash income and expenses of the entire ASB and research prices
    4. Secretary – Records Minutes of meetings and keep accurate records of proceedings. Type recorded minutes and have them ready to be distributed during ASB meetings.
    5. Associated Student Clubs President (ASC Pres.) – holds club council meetings and regulates all club activities, informs the ASB with updates from the various Clubs within MDCHS, and in charge of the Culture Night event.
    Section 8.02 Class Officers
    1. President – Acts as a leader for his/her class and oversees work pertaining to that class, stays in touch with the Executive President to be informed of future ASB meetings, and task force updates.
    2. Vice President – Assists the class president in communication with their class, etc. to inform of ASB activities and manage communication to the Executive Officers during the Class President’s absence.
    3. Treasurer – Records all monetary expenses and incomes of the class and research prices.
    4. Secretary – Assists their class officers and documents work done, assists Executive Secretary in recording minutes of meetings, encourage fellow ASB members to attend meetings and present class attendance to the Executive President.
    Section 8.03 Commissioners
    1. Sports – in charge of all intramural sports activities such as volleyball, basketball, and soccer tournaments. Receive rosters for Sport Rallies, and oversees all fundraising for sports teams and sports clubs.
    2. Sound – in charge of all music that will be requested for rallies, varsity sports, tournaments, clubs, and Fridays at lunch. Set up and put away all the Sound System and accessories.
    3. Pep Rally – in charge of setting up, organizing and planning for all rallies, come up with possible games for future rallies throughout the school year.
    4. Publicity /Public Affairs – in charge of all morning announcements, in charge of painting meetings, regulating paints, brushes, and butcher paper; coordinate the putting up and taking down of all posters; provides flyers and bulletins to let the student body know about the coming events at MDCHS.
    5. Dance – in charge of organizing school dances such as homecoming and prom.
    6. Historian – in charge of taking pictures/videos of all ASB activities and keeping an organized ASB Album for the school year. Will coordinate with the yearbook staff on preparing the Senior video presentation during the Senior Recognition Day.
    7. Fundraising-in charge of community outreach to get donation and organize fundraising events and work with MDCHS marketing director.

    Article IX – Amendments
    Section 9.01 The ASB reserves the right to amend this constitution with rightful cause at any time with a majority vote by the entire ASB.

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