Back to School Night

Welcome to Virtual Back to School Night, 2021!

We are excited for you to have the opportunity to meet your student’s teachers.  These will all be short meetings where teachers will explain how their classes work, what they expect, and how to reach them if you would like to set up an individual meeting.

The evening will begin at 4PM with an introduction from the Administration.  From there, you will follow your student’s schedule through all 7 classes, with Block 1 beginning at 4:30.  Each class will last about 8 minutes, giving you about two minutes to exit the zoom and enter the next block’s zoom.  All teacher zoom links are listed below alphabetized by teacher last name.  Please be sure to have your student’s schedule ready before you begin.

Back to School Night Introduction

Teacher Zoom Links

Mr. Anderson
Mrs. Anthony
Mr. Anzar
Ms. Austin
Mr. Balelo
Mr. Battillo
Mr. Beck
Ms. Beeche
Ms. Borce
Ms. Bray
Ms. Brooks
Mrs. Cesarone
Ms. Clark
Ms. Correia
Mr. Cox
Mr. Cruz
Ms. Di Dio
Mr. Distefano
Ms. DiTommaso
Ms. Dominguez
Ms. Edgar
Ms. Farley
Mr. Heineman
Ms. Ingersoll
Ms. Jameson
Mr. Johnson
Mr. LaFond
Ms. Lepard
Ms. Lopez-Vazquez
Mr. Maldonado
Mr. Mandarino
Mrs. McCabe
Ms. Morris
Mrs. Nerat
Ms. Nunez
Mr. Olson
Ms. Olson
Ms. Paniagua
Ms. Peck
Mr. Rachlin
Mr. Roji
Mr. Rosales
Ms. Sadock
Ms. Salazar
Mr. Santos
Mr. Schnitzius
Mr. Smith
Mr. Smyth
Ms. Taylor
Dr. Till
Mr. Tippett
Ms. Vela
Ms. Wade
Mr. Wessman
Ms. Wylie