Mater Dei Catholic High School has a supporting organization called Mater Dei Catholic High School Foundation, Inc. Mater Dei Catholic High School Foundation Inc. holds the school’s endowment which helps to cover a portion of the operating budget each year. Mater Dei is in a unique situation, as one of the few Catholic Schools with a sound endowment, which ensures its existence now and well into the future.

Today’s $35.3 million endowment has been built by individuals who believe in the vision and mission of Mater Dei Catholic High School. Mater Dei Catholic High School Foundation, Inc has its funds on deposit with the Catholic Community Foundation of San Diego and is Managed by Mercer Investment Management, Inc. The custodian for all funds on deposit is US Bank.

Mater Dei withdraws 4% from the endowment each year to help provide funds for Tuition Assistance and to support our Academy of Science. While the endowment is an important part of Mater Dei’s financial picture, the Mater Dei Fund remains the most significant source of income for the school. Donating to the Mater Dei Fund limits the need to withdraw capital and permits the endowment to grow.