Dear Parents,

Welcome to SignUp.com.

We encourage you to get involved, meet new families, and feel that sense of community that makes Mater Dei “The Place to Be.”

These are the steps you will need to follow to have access to the SignUp portal.

  • Step 1: Visit SignUp.com
  • Step 2: Register
  • Step 3: Volunteer and participate

These quick videos will show you how to check your accumulated hours and SignUp activities.

Mater Dei Catholic High School Volunteer FAQ

What is asked from each family? 
Each current MDCHS family is requested to commit twenty-five (25) service hours each school year (August through May). Parents and immediate family members (18 years and older) may volunteer service hours for the family. Any additional hours do not “roll over” to the next school year.

Are required volunteer hours different for parents receiving Tuition Assistance?
Yes, families receiving Tuition Assistance are required to complete 50 service hours. These hours may be completed by any family member: children, parents, and event relatives. Please note these hours are not transferable to another MD family.

Volunteer Opportunities
Opportunities for service hours include: donations, office/teacher/library assistant, and volunteering at events (such as fundraising, social events, sports, school events, etc.). New service opportunities are sent monthly vis email invitations.

How do I keep track of Parent Volunteer hours?

Log into Signup.com using a desktop or mobile devise.

What happens if Parent Volunteer hours is not completed in one school year? 
As Mater Dei parents, you have made a pledge and a moral obligation to be involved as the primary educators of your children and to complete service hours. We are here to help.

What if I have completed my hours and they are not recorded?
Please contact Ms. Denise Rodriguez at 619.423.2121 ext. 126 or by email: drodriguez@materdeicatholic.org