Academic Excellence

Academic Excellence

Our students value academic integrity and welcome opportunities to be challenged

Each grade offers a two-classroom, two-teacher model in which students have a core Spanish language teacher and a core English language teacher. In English, students receive instruction in English language arts (ELA) and mathematics. In Spanish, they receive instruction in Spanish language arts (SLA), and social studies. Then, both teachers share the religion and science curriculum.

We apply bilingual and bicultural knowledge to resolve conflicts in a global society

The goals of the dual language immersion program are to develop high levels of proficiency in both languages, for all students to demonstrate cross-cultural attitudes and behaviors and achieve academic excellence. We strive to develop fully bilingual, biliterate and bicultural global citizens.

MDJDA is a full member of Boston College’s “Two-Way Immersion Network for Catholic Schools,” a national initiative advancing biliteracy and bilingualism in Catholic elementary schools by effectively coordinating research, expertise, and practice. The curriculum and assessments at MDJDA are aligned with the Diocesan California Common Core State Standards. Additionally, MDJDA shares the vision of teaching and instruction within the Diocese of San Diego. The following criteria is used when evaluating instructional materials:

  • Provides meaningful experiences that are academically challenging and integrate higher order thinking skills
  • Reflects the diverse cultures represented in the school
  • Integrates technology to drive differentiation and bolster achievement
  • Aligns to prepare students for success at MDCHS, thereby creating a TK-12 academic pathway