Science, Technology, and the Arts

Image of 3 children using computers in technology classroom

We cultivate critical and creative problem-solving skills

Each classroom at MDJDA is equipped with iPads and full keyboards to provide all our children access to state- of-the-art technology. Our technology curriculum is for our upper elementary students and starts with our fourth-grade class and continues to be offered up to our middle school classes with 8th grade. At each class level students focus on learning and mastering: proper typing strategies to achieve a WPM goal, all google applications, for example, Slides, Documents while incorporating digital citizenship curriculum.

Fifth grade students use technology for online research and presentations.  Sixth graders focus on social media and digital citizenship. Eventually, seventh and eighth graders will begin learning coding skills for robotics and websites. Students participate in a weekly Technology class beginning in fourth grade. We have also recently launched a new Science Curriculum, adopting the NGSS standards.

Each student at MDJDA takes a visual arts and dance class once a week. We host two showcases each year, one at Christmas and the other in springtime, where students perform for their families and friends. There is also an opportunity for students to join Choir as an after-school activity.

Image of Ms. Brunner leading her dance class of 20 plus students