Graduation Requirements

280 Units are Required
♦ 100 Christian Service Hours (25 hrs annually)
♦ Successful completion of the Senior Capstone Project
♦ Successful completion of the AWP Competency Exam

Theology 40 Units
English 40 Units
Mathematics 30 Units
Social Science 30 Units
Science 30 Units
World Language 20 Units
Physical Education 20 Units
Visual & Performing Arts 10 Units
Speech/Study Skills 10 Units
Other Elective Courses 50 Units

Class Rankings

  • The academic year is based on a semester system, and the grading system is based upon a 4.0+ point scale.
  • Honors & AP courses are granted an extra point into the student’s GPA.
  • Grading and student ranking reports are based on a cumulative weighted grade point average