For years, we have been using the motto, “The Place to Be,” to promote what differentiates us. We have invested in creating a safe environment where our students can be known and loved. We offer expansive opportunities for leadership, community building, service and creativity. Our students start the process of building life-long friendships shortly after they enter the Crusader family. Here are some ways are students thrive.

There are many additional clubs including community service organizations, choir, music, performance ensembles, band, visual arts, academic societies, languages, and award-winning robotics team, allowing our young men take advantage of many opportunities to stay involved and deeply explore their interests.

Mater Dei’s club offers each student the opportunity to participate fully in the academics, spiritual, and social life of the school. This year there are more than 40 clubs, all student developed and student driven. We encourage every student to get involved with the club life at Mater Dei. It will enhance the high school experience, give you an opportunity to serve the community and it will be great addition to your college resume.

The Mater Dei Catholic Associated Student Body (ASB) consists of a group of elected students responsible for planning various events for the school, such as rallies, spirit weeks, prom, and homecoming. Their role is to make students feel connected to the school and each other through involvement in ASB organized events. ASB members are students with school spirit who are honest, trustworthy, responsible, reliable, willing to work hard, collaborate, and respect both adults and fellow students.

The Ambassador for Christ Corps is a group of students who accept Jesus Christ as a role model and exemplify Christ in many different ways. They abide by and respect God’s Commandments, the rules of the school and of the community. The ultimate goal of the Corps is to put others before themselves and assist in any way possible, not only in the local community, but throughout the world.

Mater Dei’s Visual and Performing Arts Program includes 16 classes and two AP courses, including Intro to Art, Studio Art, Graphic Design, Digital Art and Computer Graphics. The drama department produces two professional-level theatrical performances each year. Performing Arts classes include Intro to Theater, Stagecraft and Advanced Theatre. We also offer a host of music courses and Choir.

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