Ambassadors for Christ

What it is an Ambassador for Christ?

The Ambassador for Christ Corps is a group of students who accept Jesus Christ as a role model and exemplify Christ in many different ways. They abide by and respect God’s Commandments, the rules of the school and of the community. The ultimate goal of the Corps is to put others before themselves and assist in any way possible, not only in the local community, but throughout the world.

How do you become an Ambassador for Christ?

Ambassadors for Christ are nominated by their teachers throughout the year and are then interviewed by the moderator of the Corps. On average, about 60 students each year are nominated for an interview. Once the interviews are complete, roughly 30 students are selected to become part of the Ambassadors for Christ Corps. Ambassadors for Christ have opportunities to learn and perfect their public speaking abilities are involved in many school functions where student help is needed.

What are some specific duties the Ambassadors have?

The responsibilities of the Ambassadors for Christ are Public Relations, Parish Duty, Marketing, Welcoming Committee, International Events, Phone-athons, 7th & 8th Grade Visitations, Touring and Shadowing of the Campus, and Community Service.Aside from these specific duties, the ambassadors assist Fr. Joe Carroll every year during the holiday season by lending a hand in his soup kitchen, gathering gifts for needy children, and conducting their own food and clothes drive for all of those in need. Internationally, the Ambassador for Christ Corps assisted the AMOR Foundation and helped construct a home in Tijuana, Baja Cailfornia, Mexico.

For More Information:

For more information please contact the Ambassador For Christ Corps Moderator.