Summer School

Summer School 2022 at Mater Dei Catholic High School is intended to provide an opportunity for students to improve basic skills, further academic progress, and/or improve a deficient grade. Summer School provides students with the opportunity to meet the expected learning results and earn credit to advance to the next level.


Dear Student and Parents,

Welcome to 2022 Summer School! Whether you are a returning student or a new addition to the Mater Dei family, we are pleased you are joining us this summer. We want all of you to be successful at Mater Dei, and believe that strong communication between students, parents, and teachers is a key part of achieving that goal. In promoting a safe learning environment, we encourage each student to be responsible for him/herself and to respect the stakeholders of the Mater Dei Catholic High School community.

All classes for each session will meet 12 times for 4 hours per day. This will allow students taking a full year course to learn the material sequentially. With such a condensed schedule, understanding the absence and tardy policies is very important, so please take note of them.

The faculty and administration at Mater Dei are dedicated to improving the quality of education that we provide to our students and would appreciate your input and comments. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Go Crusaders!

Mrs. Karen Nerat
Summer School Principal

Session 1 Important Dates

Thursday, June 16, 2022
Summer Session 1 Registration Ends

Friday, June 17, 2022
Notification of Cancelled Classes Due to Low Enrollment

Monday, June 20, 2022
Summer Session 1 Begins
Orientation in Kassebaum Theater (8 am)

Monday, July 4, 2022
No School (Independence Day)

Thursday, July 6, 2022
Final Exams
Last Day of Session 1

Session 2 Important Dates

Tuesday, July 5, 2022
Summer Session 2 Registration Ends

Wednesday, July 6, 2022
Notification of Cancelled Classes Due to Low Enrollment

Thursday, July 7, 2022
Summer Session 2 Begins
Orientation in Kassebaum Theater (8am) *New students only

Thursday, July 22, 2022
Final Exams
Last Day of Session 2

Daily Schedule

8:00 AM – 12:15 PM
10:00-10:15 AM (Nutrition Break)

Office Hours

June 20, 2022 to July 22, 2022
7:30 am – 1:30 pm


Course Registration Fees

All course registration fees must be paid in FULL before the start of Summer School. The Registration fee is $325/recovery course and $650/advancement course. The regular registration period is from April 1st to June 16th.  In the case that a course does not go through due to low enrollment, a refund will be issued. Refunds will not be issued for any other reason.


Students are expected to ATTEND all classes. Students may not miss more than 1 class during summer school. A second absence in a class may lower the final grade by one full letter grade.

Students missing more than 2 days may be dismissed from summer school WITHOUT a refund or credit for the course(s).


Students are expected to be ON TIME for all classes. Classes begin promptly at 8:00 am. Arrival more than 1 hour late to class (after 9 am) may count as an absence.

Three tardies count as one absence.


Course Outline/Syllabus

The teacher will provide each student with the course outline/syllabus on the first day of summer school. The syllabus will identify the expected learning outcome of the course, assessment and evaluation procedures, contact information, and more.


Grades are available on Schoology and should be checked frequently. No printed progress reports will be issued.



Students are expected to submit all assignments and homework on time. In the case of any absences, students are responsible for obtaining and completing all missed work.


Students attend Summer School by choice; therefore, discipline problems will not be tolerated. Summer School will enforce the policy and procedures of Mater Dei Catholic High School, including a modified dress code (see below). Disciplinary problems will result in the student being withdrawn from the program with no refund or credit.

Dress Code

Students must wear clothes that are neat in appearance and appropriate for school. While students may wear shorts and tee-shirts, jeans, tennis shoes and sweatshirts, all clothing items must be modest.  Closed-toed shoes are mandatory for science classes.  The administration reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of all clothing.

Specific items NOT to be worn (This list is NOT exclusive, but intended to provide just some examples):

  • Advertisements for tobacco/alcohol/drugs/weapons etc
  • Pictures or writing that is obscene/suggestive/violent etc
  • Clothing representing ANY team
  • Hats, caps, visors, hairnets, do-rags, bandanas, etc
  • No sweatpants or pajama pants/tops
  • Shorts that are cut-off, immodest, or extend below the knee
  • Half shirts, crop tops, halters, backless, sleeveless, strapless, low neckline shirts, spaghetti strap shirts/blouses, or tank tops
  • Pendleton or flannel shirts buttoned at the top or not tucked in
  • Oversized pants or shirts
  • Pants / shorts that “sag” below the waistline
  • Flojos / zories / flip-flops, Crocs, steel-toed boots, corduroy, slipper shoes, boots that extend over the knee, excessively high-heeled /soled shoes
  • Earrings (Boys)
  • Body-piercing, specifically: Navels, noses, eyebrows, tongues ▪ Beards / goatees
  • Radical hair-cuts/styles, colors (tipping), bleaching, braids
  • Tattoos


Classes for (Credit Recovery)
$325 Per Session

Algebra 1
Algebra 2 Trig
Earth and Space
English 1, 2 & 3

Classes for (Advancement)
$650 Both Sessions

Honors Algebra 2 Trig
Honors Geometry

Incoming Freshman Classes
$325 Per Session

Algebra I Advancement (Offered During Session 2 Only)
Pre-Algebra (Recommended)
English for Academic Purpose