The Counseling Department provides a four year comprehensive guide to the college admissions process. The process begins upon admittance to Mater Dei with a meeting between each incoming eighth grader and his or her parent, and a counselor. Counselors will meet with every student and his or her parent each year to determine an appropriate plan for students to meet graduation requirements and get into the college or university of his or her choice.

Mrs. Eunice Beltran

(619) 423-2121 x 294

Ms. Margarita Hernández

Registrar | Admissions Assistant
(619) 423-2121 x 128

Ms. Diana Luna P’34

(619) 423-2121 x 188

Mrs. Marissa Meda

Counseling Department Chair
(619) 423-2121 x 123

Mr. Esteban Murillo P’24 & P’28

(619) 423-2121 x 187

Ms. Andrea Puschendorf

(619) 423-2121 x 125

Mr. Michael Wetherholt

Counseling Intern
(619) 423-2121 x

Counselors will host parent information sessions throughout the year focusing on standardized tests, financial aid, scholarships and student positioning. At the beginning of the junior year, each student along with his/her counselor will develop a personalized list of prospective colleges to use as a springboard for further conversation and research. During the entire application process, parent involvement is actively encouraged. Counselors will meet with students and parents during the senior year to help facilitate the ultimate decision process.